Chaplain's Chat


Term 3 Week 2

It has been a lovely start to Term 3, with Retreats for both the Year 6 and Year 10 students. 

The Year 6 students considered Jesus’ words, in John 10:10, that he had come that we might have life, and have it to the full or in abundance. Everyone has a different picture of what an abundant life might be, but everyone knows in their hearts that this would include love, hope and joy. So, it was wonderful to discover that Jesus promises to give us his joy if we keep his commandment to love others as he loves us. (John 15:11-12)

The Year 10 students considered the way we are overwhelmed these days by the deluge of words that come to us in all the different forms of media, and the difficulty we have in interpreting the ‘disembodied’ words that come via the social networks, our phones and our devices. How can we know whose words to trust when we can’t see the face, or hear the tone of voice, or pick up the vibes of the one who is sending them? Words are very powerful. God created the world by his words. Jesus is called The Word, and he used his powerful words to teach, heal and raise people from the dead.

It was my privilege and joy to journey with our wonderful students as they explored these pertinent issues. Perhaps you could continue the discussion with them at home.

Reverend Elroy Mee
College Chaplain