Chaplain's Chat


Term 4 Week 2

At their Retreat last week, the Year 11 students were given two challenges: firstly, to consider the type of person they would like to become, so that they might have a clear picture of the best version of themselves and, therefore, be more proactive in making their choices.

Secondly, they were challenged to become people after God’s own heart, which is all about love and leading by serving or meeting the needs of others – which is very relevant given that these students will be College leaders in 2020.

Two examples from the Bible were given to ‘flesh’ this out. The first was David, the shepherd boy who killed Goliath, and who was named by God as the next King of Israel. He was a man of great faith in God, even when things were very tough. He was also far from perfect, but when he faced his sins, which included murder, he was genuinely distraught and begged God to forgive him. He was ‘real’ with God and that made all the difference.

The second example was Jesus, who made it clear to the disciples who wanted to share his power in heaven, that they had it all wrong!  He said, “Even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” 
(Mark 10:45)

When the students came together in their form groups, they were asked to bring to mind a person who embodied the character traits that they truly admired, and then to share them with each other. Tears were shed as students spoke about their special person, and it was very encouraging to hear that the characteristics and values they wished to emulate included honesty, dependability, kindness, sacrifice, being strong in difficult times, being loving, funny, and hard working, and being there for their friends and family.

In the final session, the students were asked to create a picture - in a drawing, a poem, or a diagram - of the person they chose to become. And they were encouraged to keep this as a first step towards being that person.

I hope and pray that they will continue to be proactive, and determined to be people after God’s own heart, using their power always to serve and bless others.

Reverend Elroy Mee
College Chaplain