Chaplain's Chat


Term 4 Week 4

The Year 5 Retreat that was held last Friday was the final Retreat for the year.  As always, their teachers, Mrs Viv Palosaari, Ms Janaya Neal and Mrs Lindy Brand, were wonderful. It was really moving to see how the students took part in the Holy Communion service with respect and joy and, later, reflected on their time in the Chapel and on the main teaching for the day.

To help the students to prepare for their important role as the leaders in the Junior School in 2020, the focus for the day was on the four attributes of God’s kind of leader.  We used Nehemiah as an example, and learned many things, as we saw how he dealt with all sorts of problems, threats, and false rumours spread by his enemies, and still managed to do the impossible task of rebuilding the wall and gates of Jerusalem. He was passionate about completing the task because it would allow the Jewish people to return to the city and live there in safety. Parts of Nehemiah’s wall still exist – see Google images. (Nehemiah Chs1-7)

Of course, our students won’t be faced with such a huge task, but the attributes are still worth putting into practice.

The four attributes that make God’s kind of leader great are:
1. A caring heart that leads them to serve or help their people, and build up their community.
2. A courageous heart that helps them to stay strong when things are really hard.
3. A wise heart that knows what the people need them to do, and whom to trust – or not to trust.
4. A wise mind that enables them to make the best plans and get things done.

I am sure that our Year 5 Students will be wonderful leaders next year.

Reverend Elroy Mee
College Chaplain