Digital Update


Term 1 Week 5

Microsoft App Store – Canterbury College Page
Students in Years 3 -12 have Windows 10 BYOD devices. To use these devices to their potential, students can install relevant apps that might improve their workflow or learning.

Canterbury College students can use their College username and password to install apps that have been put onto the Canterbury College page of the Microsoft app store.

There are lots of Windows apps that are useful for learning. These can be accessed by following the steps below:
• Log onto the College Portal.
• Click on the Microsoft Store app icon on your device (or search for this using the search box on the task bar).
• When the Microsoft Store opens, look for the Canterbury College tab at the top.
• Click Canterbury College. This will open a page with the College purchased apps ready to install on your device.

The Canterbury page has apps to download such as: ClickView, Flash Cards, Brain Pop, Mars Rover, Explain Everything and Book Creator. New apps are added regularly, so please check occasionally to see what’s new.

Mr James Jenkins
Director of Digital Pedagogy/ Director of Learning and Innovation Years 7-12