Digital Update


Term 1 Week 7

Exploring the Conservation of Energy using Spheros
Sphero is a spherical robot toy designed by Sphero (the company). Its shell is made of tough transparent polycarbonate, allowing students to see the relationship between their commands and the electric motor and LEDs inside. Sphero is capable of rolling around, changing colours, running programs, and being controlled by a smartphone or tablet.

At Canterbury we use Spheros for a range of learning activities. They are used in Digital Technology classes for learning to code. They are also used in a range of classes to help with the understanding of a concept.

This week some Year 8 students were using Spheros in Science to consolidate some of their knowledge of the law of conservation of energy. In small groups students would drive the Sphero traveling at a constant speed into other balls of various masses. Depending on the mass, the ball would travel a certain distance after the collision.  Students recorded and analysed the data, which could then be linked back to the theory.

Observing the students at work, it was great to see how they managed to control variables to reduce errors, and then extend on the activity in a variety of ways.

Mr James Jenkins
Director of Digital Pedagogy/Director of Learning and Innovation Year 7-12