Digital Update


Term 1 Week 9

Working with Data in the Digital Technologies Curriculum
One of the central themes of the Digital Technologies Curriculum is working with data.

Although the learning experiences change, and get incrementally more challenging from Prep to Year 10, many of the main ideas are consistent through these year levels.

In the early years, students look at representing data as symbols, numbers and pictures. They learn to collect and sort data. In Year 5 students work on visualising data, for example, creating infographics. By the time students are in Year 10, they are creating queries of databases to easily analyse the data. 

Students also explore Big data, how and why this might be used, and the societal implications.

This term in Year 4, students have been using Microsoft Excel to analyse data relating to how fast humans run. The sequence of lessons teach students to organise their data and create ways to visualise it. They are introduced to diverse types of graphs and shown how to construct them.

The Year 10 Digital Technology students used Microsoft Forms this term to collect data from their cohort. This data was then explored using a combination of Excel and Microsoft Access. One of the tools in Excel allowed students to visualise where the people in the Year group were born as a map.

As data production and collection becomes more and more prevalent in society, understanding how to analyse the data and also make it more usable for others becomes more important.

The Digital Technologies Curriculum at Canterbury allows students to learn these skills in an engaging way.

Mr James Jenkins
Director of Digital Pedagogy/Director of Learning and Innovation Year 7-12