Junior School


Term 1 Week 7

Dear Parents and Carers
Thank you to those who were able to come along to our Cyber Safety session on Monday run by Mr Brett Lee. For those of you who were unable to attend, a video will be uploaded to Canvas. Brett’s message was very strong and focused on the importance of educating our children and parents around strategies to minimise risk in the online world. More information can be located at his website: https://www.internetsafeeducation.com

Recently, you may have heard of the Momo Challenge. It is very concerning when young people have been exposed to any content that scares them or plays on their emotions, like those reported via the Momo Challenge. Although it has now been widely reported and exposed as a viral hoax, the Momo Challenge is not the first, nor will it be the last, online ‘challenge’ or phenomenon to target our children with potentially harmful consequences.

Research undertaken by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner shows 81% of parents hand their child an internet-connected device by the age of 4, so active parental engagement and oversight of a child’s online activities is critical from the start, to help ensure they are prepared for what they may encounter. As young people often do not have the maturity or judgement to cope with confronting content online, it is important to guide and instil critical reasoning skills, so they are aware that not everything they see or receive online is real.

Five top tips to help limit your child’s exposure to harmful content online:
• Engage in your child’s online activities – ask what apps, sites and games they’re using and make sure they’re age-appropriate
• Use parental controls on devices to help limit what your child is exposed to 
• Let them know not everything they see online is real or true.  
• Help them report and block upsetting content they see on social media sites or apps. 
• Let them know they can come to you about anything upsetting they see online, and contact Kids Helpline if they need further support.  

Parents can also visit www.esafety.gov.au/iparent for information and advice on keeping your child safe online. 

Our teachers are currently administering assessments in preparation for the upcoming reporting period. As a part of this process, students will take part in a one-on-one reading conference with their teacher and undertake an online Maths assessment called Essential Assessment. Both of these assessment pieces will allow our staff to provide individual targeted feedback at our Parent Teacher Conferences in Term 2. As a result of these assessment instruments, the reports in the Junior School this year will include a student grade in the areas of Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening, as well as a Number grade.

Our Junior School Canvas page has recently been updated to include further information for parents on what is happening in the Junior School. We have updated the BYOD section to include support for families around warranty claims, protecting your child’s device from viruses and malware and setting up a family account to track your child’s internet use at home. We’ve also uploaded additional information around reading (and supporting your child at home with reading) and a snapshot of the Australian Curriculum for each year level.

Have a wonderful week.

Mr Bill Garland
Dean of Junior School

Students of the Week