Junior School


Term 2 Week 9

Dear Parents and Carers,
As the holiday break approaches it is important students take the time to refresh, enjoy time with family and friends and prepare for the next semester of learning. It is equally important that students maintain a regular reading regime over the holiday break. Reading remains a focus in the Junior School, with the THRASS approach continuing to underpin our teaching in the areas of reading, handwriting and spelling.

Home reading is an important practice and building block to student learning. When it comes to reading and supporting children’s literacy development, parents and caregivers play a major role in shaping the future learning habits of their child.

There are proven benefits from reading with your child on a regular basis. When children share a book with someone who makes them feel special, their learning of text and the meanings and understandings they experience form the beginning blocks of literacy understanding. Taking the time to read with your child or to your child has proven to be more than just an activity. It also builds relationships and creates a bond between children and parents.

The research on home reading is clear. When parents and children read at an early age, children acquire reading skills earlier and can master reading at a rapid rate. When we all work in partnership to support reading and academic success, learning outcomes for all children improve.

Here are some suggestions to encourage a positive experience when reading at home with your child:
• Create a home reading routine. Make this time a priority and give it importance. It can be immediately after school, before bed, or in the morning before breakfast.
• Read aloud with your child every day. Ten minutes for each child around a book of his/her choice or a take home text from the College. Older more confident readers do not need to read aloud. Instead, encourage them to discuss what they are reading and have conversations about the book.
• Your child holds the book – they are the reader (this is for take home text). If you are reading a book, then encourage your child to look at the words as they read.
• During home reading time, turn off electronic devices and give your child your undivided attention.
• Reading is not a test. Discuss the book before reading occurs – the illustration, name of the author, the blurb on the back of the book.
• At the end of reading, ask questions that encourage discussion, for example: What was your favourite part? Tell me about the characters. What do you think will happen next? What did you think about that setting? What do you like/dislike about the book? There is no need to interrogate the reader. Make it a conversation.

Aside from the College’s take home text collection, students can borrow texts from the online Canterbury library, visit a local library or read ‘non traditional’ texts like appropriate magazines or comics. Our students have embraced our large take home text library this semester, with over 3000 texts taken home every week. This week we were able to further bolster our stock, with Ms Megan Stuart, our Coordinator of Information Services ordering additional take home texts for the Junior School.

Finally, we would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable break. We hope you get some quality time to spend with your family over the break.

Mr Luke Van Leuveren
Director of Teaching and Learning (K-6)

Libraries News

It has been a busy term in both the Research and Next Centre and the Discovery Centre. Borrowing of fiction is up from the same period last year and it has been a pleasure to see so many students borrowing after the exams ended and before the holidays started.

The main event in the Junior School was the annual Book Fair which made over $7000. Not only do we benefit from the sales but it is an opportunity to bring the community together and think about how books enhance our lives.

Every fortnight Canterbury College borrows kits and sets of museum specimens and artefacts from the Queensland Museum. One highlight this term was a kit containing clothing from other countries.

Congratulations to our Year 7 Readers Cup team who competed in the Brisbane South region of the Children’s Book Council of Australia Readers Cup Competition.   

Book Club

The parent reading group met on Tuesday afternoon and decided that next term’s novel will be a surprise (chosen and distributed by myself) at the beginning of Term 3. Please contact library staff if you would like a copy.

Ms Megan Stuart
Coordinator of Information Services