Junior School


Term 3 Week 4

Dear Parents and Carers

Last week, Director of Teaching and Learning, Mr Luke Van Leuveren and I had the privilege of presenting at the THRASS Conference in Melbourne. It was a really validating experience for us and we both came out thinking Canterbury College has a lot to be proud about. We had the opportunity to hear from schools around the country that have implemented THRASS, and other schools were particularly keen to hear how our Junior School developed a whole school English Scope and Sequence, how we integrate THRASS through the whole day (for example analysing the etymology of a word during maths) and how our students have begun to transfer their learning of graphemes and orthographic patterns to their writing.

There were some practical sessions which we will share with staff, including some great five minute activities which staff will implement in their classrooms in the coming weeks as another way we ensure THRASS permeates throughout the entire school day. 

The strength of THRASS is the linguistic knowledge it provides to teachers. Our staff are looking forward to being Level 3 Mastery trained in January 2020, which will allow us as a College to further develop and refine our practices.

Adjustment to PE Uniform
In order to simplify uniform requirements going forward, all Prep-Year 6 students will wear sports shorts with their PE uniform, instead of just Year 3-6 students. The main reason for this decision was the need for students to wear appropriate clothing designed specifically for use during PE lessons and the desire to provide clarity in the difference between formal uniform and sports uniform requirements. Furthermore, there are a number of younger students who participate in before school sports training, which requires them to wear sports shorts in any case. This amendment to the Uniform Policy will commence at the beginning of 2020, but families are welcome to transition into this throughout the remainder of 2019.  Please visit the Retail Centre if you need to purchase additional uniform items.

Use of Roller Bags for Younger Students
A further development from our review of the current Uniform Policy has resulted in allowing all students from Prep-Year 6 to use roller bags from now on. As a Junior School, one of our main aims is to promote and encourage the developing independence and self reliance of our students, and we feel that allowing our younger students to use roller bags will assist in this aim, as this will allow them to transport their own bags. This decision also reflects the growing awareness of ensuring that developing bodies are not subjected to carrying heavy loads, which can be the case with the school backpack from time to time. This change is effective immediately.

Drop Off and Pick Up Zone

We have received a large amount of feedback regarding the appropriate use of the drop off and pick up zones before and after school.  If you are in the clearly marked drop off zone, you MUST stay inside your vehicle. If you need to exit your vehicle for any reason, you must find a marked parking space. Unattended vehicles in the drop off zone not only severely impact the proper flow of vehicles through the area, they represent a potentially dangerous traffic hazard, particularly in areas where students cross the road, as they obstruct clear views across the car park and other drivers need to drive around them. We will be undertaking spot checks of the pick up and drop off areas to continue monitoring the situation.

No Toys policy
We would like to provide a reminder to families that we have a No Toys policy in the Junior School. Students should not bring in toys from home to play with during the school day. This includes Coles Mini Shop items and Woolworths Ooshies Collectibles. Whilst we recognise that these items are designed to be engaging and attractive for children to collect, the potential for causing conflict both inside and outside of the classroom with these items could cause disruption to the teaching and learning taking place. Students are expected to keep these items at home.

Mr Bill Garland
Head of Junior School

Term 3 Dates

12-13 August – Show Holidays COLLEGE AND OSHC CLOSED

14 August – K-2 Athletics Carnival

19-23 August BOOK WEEK

21 August – Book Parade (K-Year 6)

22 August – Extra Curricular Photos (Arts)

23-24 August – Space Camp (Year 3)

26-28 August – Year 4 Camp

30 August – Father’s Day Breakfast, Father’s Day Stall, K-P Father’s Evening

11 September – Night of the Notables (Year 5)

19 September – Grandparents' Day

20 September – End of Term Chapel    

Focus on Year 4

Within this term’s math lessons, the Year 4 students have been learning all about measurement and its uses in everyday life. They have investigated capacity, mass, length and temperature. Through the use of hands-on materials, real world scenarios and working through rich tasks, students have developed an understanding of how we implement these skills throughout our daily lives.
Through collaboration and cooperation with their peers, students informally and formally measured the lengths of the pathways they walk each day around the school. They also measured the distance of each one of their normal walking steps. Using this information, the students needed to figure out how many steps they would take when walking from one location to another.
When looking at temperature, students had the opportunity to investigate the temperatures of cities all around the world and compare them to our local temperature to find the differences. Through this lesson, we incorporated elements of HASS by locating these cities and plotting them on a world map, along with finding their longitude and latitude coordinates.

It was great to see the students’ understanding of these units of measurement develop. In addition, the continual development of their collaboration skills along with their ability to problem solve are transdisciplinary skills that the students can apply across all subject areas.

Mr David Peckham
Director of Students Junior School