Junior School


Term 4 Week 4

Dear Parents and Carers,
I am very pleased to confirm that our Junior School will be introducing a new languages program in 2020. All students from K-6 will be learning Spanish from next year. Spanish is the official language of 21 countries, including Spain, Mexico and most of South and Central America, and alongside English and Mandarin, is the third most widely spoken languages on Earth.

Learning a language broadens the personal, social and cultural understanding of students. The connectedness of countries and communities means learning a language supports people from all walks of life to negotiate experiences and meanings across languages and cultures.

Learning a language extends the capability to communicate and extends literacy proficiency in English. By understanding the idea of language and culture, students develop an intercultural understanding of different experiences and perspectives across the world. In turn, this helps a learner to reflect on their own heritage, culture, identify and values.

There are proven cognitive advantages of learning a language. You become a better multi-tasker and improve your memory and attention span while learning a language. Learning a language also strengthens analytical and reflective capabilities and enhances creative and critical thinking. Learning a second language exposes students to wider future options, in areas such as art, music, dance, travel, philosophy and science.

Learning another language is an exciting experience for young children. While they have fun discovering new and unique ways of expressing themselves, they also exercise and strengthen their brains.

The best time to start learning a language is early in life. No matter what your child's ability, research shows that learning another language can stimulate brain development, significantly enhance English literacy skills, improve memory, concentration and numeracy skills and improve overall performance at school.

From Year 7, 2021, Spanish will be added as a subject choice for our Secondary School students alongside French and Japanese, so our Junior School students will have this as a pathway for future study.

We are very excited to launch this new initiative in 2020 and I believe our students will thoroughly embrace this opportunity. 

Mr Bill Garland
Head of Junior School

Year 5 Tyalgum Camp
Amongst our Canterbury community, the Tyalgum Ridge Retreat camp has a reputation of being one of the all time favourite experiences, and this year was no exception. 

The 2019 Year 5 students had four brilliant, active, outdoor adventure days at the foot of Mt Warning, in northern New South Wales. Paddling a kayak, climbing crates stacked 17 high, rock hopping, BMX riding and much more, made Tyalgum a place where students can enjoy physical and mental challenges, combine friendship, fellowship and leadership, all whilst being immersed in fresh air and stunning natural beauty.    

Mrs Lindy Brand
Year 5 Teacher