Middle/Senior Sport


Term 1 Week 6

TAS News

Canterbury travelled to St Columban’s at Caboolture for the latest TAS fixtures. The long travel didn’t seem to slow down the Canterbury teams, recording 22 wins from 26 games played. A big thank you goes out to all the parents who assisted in ensuring players were able to travel to attend their games. One of the most impressive features of the round was the sportsmanship displayed by the Canterbury students, whether in victory of defeat.

Canterbury host Cannon Hill Anglican College in a full round of fixtures this week. Fixture details can be found on the College App. TAS results and ladders can be found at http://www.theassociatedschools.com.au/ladders

TAS Round 4 Reports vs St Columban's College

TAS Round 5 Fixtures vs Cannon Hill Anglican College

Pacific District Selections

Congratulations to the following students on their selection in Pacific District teams:
Sarah Grove (Year 12) Volleyball
Kyarna Bousen (Year 11) Football
James Lee (Year 11) Football
Bangwon Choi (Year 11) Football
Leila Marsden (Year 11) Volleyball
Sharice Potter (Year11) Volleyball
Grace Hamilton (Year 11) Volleyball
Indigo Thompson (Year 10) Basketball
Sophie Cornick (Year 10) Volleyball
Anderson Som (Year 10) Volleyball
Connor Addley (Year 10) Volleyball
Casey Milne (Year 10) Volleyball
Prayer Lilomaiava (Year 9) Basketball
Mercy Lilomaiava (Year 8) Basketball
Alex Orbitz (Year 7) Football

South East Queensland Futsal
Five Canterbury teams played in the South East Queensland Schools Futsal competition on Tuesday 5 March. The Under 13 Boys team played some fantastic futsal, finishing top of their group. The Under 19 Boys went through the day undefeated. The Under 15 Boys won all their group games before going down in the play-off. In the Girls’ competition, the Under 14 team won all their games, scoring 20 goals and conceding 1. The Under 19 Girls faced strong opponents, beating the top ranked team in the last game of the day finish top 2 in their group.

Mouthguards Compulsory for Rugby Union, Hockey and AFL
To comply with Risk Management policies, it is mandated that mouthguards are compulsory for students wishing to participate in a school sport for Rugby Union, Hockey and AFL.

It is strongly recommended that students wear custom-fitted mouthguards.  Parents and Carers are requested to refer to the Australian Dental Association website below in order to make an informed choice about the different types of available mouthguards.

If a student is unable to wear a mouthguard for medical reasons, then a signed medical clearance certificate is required prior to participating.

Mr Glen Walker
Director of Sport and Activities Years 7-12