Middle School


Term 1 Week 6

Open Day Ambassadors
This Thursday a group of Middle School Students voluntarily led prospective families on a number of tours around the College. Positive feedback has been received from all who attended. The students are to be commended for being outstanding ambassadors of Canterbury College.

All students are reminded that their uniform is neatly worn at all times. Gentlemen need to be conscious of checking that their shirts are appropriately tucked in, their top button done up and their socks pulled up. Ladies are reminded that their skirts are not to be rolled up at the waist, hair is neatly tied and pinned back and the appropriate earrings are worn.

Blazers are required every day in Term 2, as part of the winter uniform. It is expected that dry-cleaning/mending/replacing happens as soon as possible to ensure all students are ready on the first day of Term 2 with the correct uniform.

Please consult the uniform policy and expectations in the Student College Diary for further clarification.

Foundation Day – 14 March 2019
The day will focus around the four Houses; Becket, Cranmer, Ramsey and Temple. Students are expected to wear House Colours. The events of the day aim to celebrate and reflect on the founding of Canterbury, a little over 3 decades ago.

Student Protection Officers
The wellbeing of all students here at Canterbury is top priority. Students are encouraged to report any actions (verbal/non-verbal) by a student/staff/visitor on site that may cause them discomfort to a staff member immediately. All staff are mandated to report such incidents to a Student Protection Officer on campus. Head of College, Mrs Donna Anderson, has appointed the following members of staff as Student Protection Officers:

Mrs Tamara Roth – Dean of Middle and Senior Schools
Mr Greg Wacker – Dean of Students Year 7 – 12
Ms Cathy Perkins - Guidance Counsellor
Mrs Colette Naicker - Careers and Guidance Counsellor
Mr Alan Lyle – Coordinator of International Student Welfare

Assessment Calendars
These can be accessed through the Middle School page on Canvas. Please ensure your children have a copy displayed in a common space in the home and are actively engaged in preparing for their assessment.

e-Smart Technology
The following link provides Canterbury College families with guidance to the use of social media.  Specifically titled, ‘How is your child using social media? A safety guide for parents’ the website provides pertinent information on teenage social media use, whilst imparting specific knowledge for parents to responsibility monitor their son / daughter’s online activity.

Absence from school
Students are to email their respective teachers when they have missed their lesson due to illness and/or sporting commitments. It is the responsibility of the student to be proactive and find out what work is to be caught up, before returning to school. Canvas and the class OneNote can also be consulted to improve organisation of work missed. Students requiring an extension for assessment, due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, are to email the Middle School Coordinator, Ms Fiona Dixon, to arrange a meeting.

Unbelievable fact: To produce a single pound of honey, a single bee would have to visit 2 million flowers.

TAS Sport Round 6    Saturday 9 March (Home)
Foundation Day     Thursday 14 March
Cursus Magnus Relay    Thursday 14 March
TAS Sport Round 7    Saturday 16 March (Away)

Ms Fiona Dixon
Coordinator of Middle School

Academic Focus – Drama

Year 9 Drama
This semester has been a very busy one for the students studying Year 9 Drama. Choosing Drama as one of their elective subjects for the next two years means these students have given themselves the opportunity to develop their performance and presentation skills. These skills will be useful not just in Drama, but also in any other Year 9 subject which requires them to either work in a group, or get up and present something in front of their class.

The Year 9 students started their Drama journey this year with a unit focussed on improvisation, in which the students are learning how to contribute, select, develop, and structure ideas in an improvisation, explore characters and relationships through improvisation techniques, as well as how to collaborate in developing planned and spontaneous improvisations. For their assessment, the students will be given a newspaper article as stimulus, and created their own planned improvisation scenes of around 4-5 minutes’ duration.

Next term the students will be taking their improvisation skills and focussing them within the dramatic form of playbuilding. In this unit, the students will learn how to use improvisation and acting techniques to communicate dramatic meaning, how to contribute, select, develop and structure ideas while building an original performance, as well as how to develop linear and non-linear scene structures to communicate ideas. For their assessment, the students will be working in small groups to create an original one-act play exploring a stimulus piece provided to them.

The students have also had a chance to demonstrate their keen interest in integrating ICTs into their learning by taking part in the weekly discussion topics and quizzes posted in the Year 9 Drama course on the Microsoft Teams app. This digital integration has allowed for them to further develop their understanding of the concepts and ideas explored in the classroom, with some excellent and far-reaching discussions happening outside of regular school hours.

Mr Cameron Laidlaw
Curriculum Coordinator Arts Year 7-12