Middle School


Term 1 Week 7

Foundation Day – Thursday 14 March
On Thursday the College began the day with the Foundation Chapel and the Cursus Magnus Relay.  Canterbury College was established on a dairy farm and we have some of the original farming equipment used during this time located in our ANZAC memorial garden. The full College community then moved to the sails area for annual running of the Cursus Magnus relay.  Congratulations to Becket House for claiming their seventh straight win in a row.

Assessment Calendars

These can be accessed through the Middle School page on Canvas. Please ensure your children have a copy displayed in a common space in the home and are actively engaged in preparing for their assessment.

e-Smart Technology
The following link provides Canterbury College families with guidance to the use of social media.  Specifically titled, ‘How is your child using social media? A safety guide for parents’, the website provides pertinent information on teenage social media use, whilst imparting specific knowledge for parents to responsibly monitor their son / daughter’s online activity.

Absence from College
Students are to email their respective teachers when they have missed their lesson due to illness and/or sporting commitments. It is the responsibility of the student to be proactive and find out what work is to be caught up, before returning to College. Canvas and the class OneNote can also be consulted to improve organisation of work missed. Students requiring an extension for assessment, due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, are to email the Middle School Coordinator, Ms Fiona Dixon, to arrange a meeting.

Blazers are required every day in Term 2 as part of the winter uniform. It is expected that dry-cleaning/mending/replacing happens as soon as possible to ensure all students are ready on the first day of Term 2 with the correct uniform.

Please consult the uniform policy and expectations in the College Student Diary for further clarification.

Please find below the planned tutorial roster for those students requiring assistance with their academic studies. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity for additional support.










Science (P16)

7:30- 8:20am



Recess 2

Humanities (Q02)


Science (K15)



Science (K15)

Science (K15)

Humanities (RaNC)




Science (K14)

Maths (KO2)

Science (K14)

Maths (KO2)

Humanities (RaNC)


Maths (KO2)




All other subjects by appointment

RaNC – Research and Next Centre

Academic Focus - Japanese

Calligraphy, Origami, Karate: these are just a few of the Japanese cultural experiences that the Year 9 students have been partaking in for their Japanese lessons this term.  For the last month, two university students from Nagoya University have been working with the class to share stories about the hobbies, clubs and sports teams that they were a part of when they were in high school in Japan.  On Wednesday, for the unit on “Free time”, Masanari Sensei and Hayato Sensei taught the students how to make Ninja Stars with origami paper and also explained etiquette for dining out.  The students are now working on being able to describe these activities in Japanese.  

FUN FACT: A Swedish woman lost her wedding ring, and found it 16 years later- growing on a carrot in her garden.

TAS Sport      Saturday 16 March (Away)
TAS Sport      Saturday 23 March (Away)
Interhouse Cross Country    Tuesday 2 April
TERM 1 CONCLUDES    Friday 5 April

Ms Fiona Dixon
Coordinator of Middle School