Middle School


Term 2 Week 5

One of the wonderful things about Canterbury College is the variety of different learning experiences available. Students can immerse themselves in a broad range of academic endeavours as well as extracurricular opportunities. Depending on the subjects chosen and the activities they are involved in, the same day will look very different depending on a student’s chosen pathway.

At the Open Day on Saturday, many people commented on the interactive human brain that our Year 9 students constructed last term. It is now being exhibited in the Digital Hub. It was created so that different areas of the brain light up to show where different tasks are coordinated.  I explained to our visitors that it was a student project, and how we were lucky enough to have Associate Professor Bruno van Swinderen from the Queensland Brain Institute come to speak to our students about some of the latest research into brain function.

Exciting learning experiences like this are so valuable in fostering a thirst for knowledge among our students. 

Mr James Jenkins
Director of Learning and Innovation Years 7-12

Year 7 News
The Year 7 students have worked so hard to get where they are this term. The difference in their attitude, interaction with their peers and overall temperament has demonstrated that they are no longer little munchkins. I’m proud to share that the cohort has matured and are working well as a team. There are so many highlights that are note-worthy to mention. Two particular events however, stood out: the Beach Olympics and the end of Term 1 Pastoral Care Day.  The Beach excursion fulfilled its purpose, it was all about bonding and having fun. Our first Pastoral Care Day explored valuable issues presented by some well known organisations. 

Term 2 began with a very quick and swift 10 km walk: the Kokoda excursion. The students received so many accolades, both from Canterbury staff and the excursion guides from Character Builders. Again, a testament to how much they have grown up. Click here for all the photos of this great excursion.

The term will continue to travel at high speed, with a variety of activities such as the Good Shepherd program and workshops on Social Media, Being Yourself and How to Maintain Positive.

The Good Shepherd program is certainly a treat. Students are able to spend 5 sessions, led by the Year 11 students, covering important topics such as ‘how to cope at school’; ‘how to fit in’ and ‘how to handle stress’.  It is so important to have this experience, where older students impart information from their perspective. It is often recognised that if issues are tackle from all angles, the message eventually sinks in effectively.

On another note, students have also been entertained during recess time with a ‘games room’ every Friday. This is something new and only trialled Term 2. So far, the room has been bustling, with at least 18 students playing, interacting and having fun playing ‘good old fashioned’ board games. It has been a joy watching them being kids without the interruption of technology. 

Mrs Mafalda Stevenson
Year 7 Coordinator

Year 8 Curriculum News

As part of our English assessment this term, the Year 8 students create their own picture books and read them to some Junior School students. They prepared themselves by exploring the Discovery Centre and practising how to read to an audience. They looked at presentation, sounds and accents as well as the purpose of visual literacy. 

This was all brought about when Ms Anita Pendreigh (a Canterbury teacher and published author) came to read to them her very own picture book. She helped them get inspired on what to create and how to present. 

Ms Kaylene Hennessy-Rasmussen
Teacher – English

Our Year 8 students had a fantastic time on Tuesday 14 May at Medieval Day. The students arrived, excited for the day, in their Medieval costumes. They started the day with a medieval demonstration run by Living History Australia where students learned about the unfairness of the feudal system, the life of a knight and the dangers of the Black Death. Students were able to interact with artefacts and weapons from the period and try on armour and helmets. After working up an appetite dancing, the students experienced a Medieval banquet. In the afternoon, the students particularly enjoyed the archery and the knights tournament. They finished the day with Medieval games including Finska and Kubb. It was a great experience for all students to learn more about daily life in Medieval Europe.

Ms Juanita Purvis
Curriculum Coordinator - Humanities Years 7-9

Year 9 Digital Technology
The Year 9 Digital Technology class have spent the last few weeks learning to create different multimedia elements, that they will eventually embed in a website. They spent some time looking at how to enhance and modify images using photoshop. They then spent a few lessons creating videos using the Microsoft Photos app. The photos app allows students to use a range of special effects in their videos as well as the using the standard features such as trimming, filters and motion effects. Students then spent a few lessons learning how to make sound elements in audacity, before spending time on website creation using Adobe Muse.

The assessment piece for this term is to use the knowledge that they have accumulated to build a website about something they care about. For example, it might be an awareness campaign for an issue, or a site for a charity organisation. The skills that the students are learning in this unit, are transferable to other subjects where they might need to create images or videos, and more generally will be useful in the increasingly digital world in which we live. 

Mr James Jenkins
Director of Learning and Innovation Years 7-12

Middle School Science News
Ipswich Show

Canterbury College is proud to have launched a Cattle Show Team in 2019. The Ipswich Show was the first show attended by the team and it saw outstanding results. 5 students from Years 9 and 11 attended the show to assist the exhibition of 9 head of Droughtmaster cattle. We are pleased to announce that we were successful in being sashed the Supreme Champion Exhibit of the Show – the highest honor of the day. Our students also contributed to us being awarded the Herdsman Award for the cleanliness of our stalls.
The students represented the College with pride and enthusiasm. Their next show is Mudgeeraba at the end of June.

The Archibull Year 9 Prize
Last week the Principles of Animal Production students welcomed our life-size ‘Archie’ to the College. We have been successful in entering The Archibull Prize, where the students are transforming the Archie into an advocate for the Horticulture industry. The Archie will contain sound, movement, artwork and 3D design along with an informative blog. This competition is a great opportunity for our students to improve their team work and critical thinking as well as collaborating with other departments around the College.

Laying Hens
We once again will be entering our laying hens into the Hyline Brown Laying Competition at the EKKA in August. The hens have been a popular addition to many classes around the College as they attend Maths, Science and English classes, with the students charged with their care. This is an important part of their progress to ensure that they are socialised so that they do not stress when they are housed at the EKKA. Students have been caring for the hens in the lunchtimes and before school. It is pleasing to see the students so enthusiastic to dedicate their time to these animals.

Mrs Shannon Williamson
Teacher - Mathematics and Science