Dear Canterbury College Community

As part of a whole College review, before we embark on the envisioning of a new Strategic Plan, I wish to provide an opportunity for parents, staff and students to provide me with feedback relating to their views of the College across a wide range of areas.

The research is being conducted by MMG Education, a specialist education consultancy that works with schools in the areas of school strategic reviews and stakeholder satisfaction. MMG’s client schools include a large number of independent schools across Australia.

Parents, staff and students will be invited to complete questionnaires over a two week period in Weeks 6 and 7 this term.

Each parent will receive an email from MMG Education. This will set out details of the timing of the survey and will provide you with access to your own, confidential questionnaire.

To ensure confidentiality and to encourage frank and full expression of views:
• All responses will be treated by MMG Education in strict confidence;
• No parent or any other respondent will be identified to the College by MMG Education on the basis of responses made;
• All data collected by MMG Education will remain under its control and archived according to research protocols. The College will not be able to access it.

At the conclusion of the research period, MMG Education will provide me with a report. I will then provide opportunities to share findings with the Board, staff, parents and students.

The survey is quite extensive and will cover the full range of College activities, including operations and communication, academic programs, spiritual development, student wellbeing, sport and arts programs.

Please remember that, by completing your questionnaire, you will be making an invaluable contribution to the future of the College as I strive to ensure that we are providing the best opportunities possible for your children.

I look forward very much to the community’s participation in this important project and to using the feedback to make a great College even greater.

Yours sincerely,
Mr Dan Walker