Dear Canterbury College Community

Arts Food and Wine Festival
There is no doubt that parents, family members, staff and students would all agree that last Saturday night’s Arts Food and Wine Festival was a tremendous success. I must say, I felt particularly proud of our students’ performances, but also of the energy, commitment and professionalism put into the event by Canterbury staff and the Parent Support Groups for the Arts. Nobody could be in any doubt as to Canterbury College being considered one of the premier Performing Arts schools in the state. Great food, great company, a lovely community atmosphere and astonishingly good performances from choirs, bands, drama ensembles and our artists, who displayed work for viewing in the adjacent gallery space.

Ekka Cattle and Chicken Judging
Our Principles of Animal Production students in Year 9 have been assisting our Agriculture teacher, Mrs Shannon Williamson prepare and care for her animals, who recently competed in a number of categories in the Ekka cattle judging. Also, Canterbury chickens are currently in the contest for the egg laying competition, which will be judged at the conclusion of the Ekka. I enjoyed spending some time with the students yesterday and seeing the care and attention they provide to these animals. Our Agriculture program will continue to grow in 2020 with the extension of our curriculum into Year 10. 

Pastoral Care and Student Wellbeing Model 2020
Today I have written to parents of students in Years 6 to 11, communicating a change in the way we will provide pastoral and academic care to our students in the Secondary School from 2020. A working party of over 15 staff have been constructing a new model for student wellbeing that will be formed up around our House system. I have spent the last few days briefing students on these changes and asking for their views and suggestions on how to also improve our House events and competitions.
I can announce today that the staff working party has made the recommendation, supported now by the College Executive, that we will move from four to six Houses in 2020. Transition plans for this exciting change have begun. The existing four Houses will remain in place. Students will be given the option of staying in their existing House or moving into one of the new Houses. The names and colours of existing Houses will be preserved. I know that some families are especially loyal members of their House and will definitely wish to remain in that community. 

We will see in future years:
• One main pastoral carer (Head of House) for each student from Year 7 to 12
• Siblings to be in the same House and same Form Class in Years 7 to 12
• Academic and Pastoral care to be united into the Head of House role
• An expanded range of competitions for the Houses (including some in the Arts and in community service).

This has been a welcome change so far as I have communicated to staff and students. More details will be shared regularly through Terms 3 and 4.

Mr Dan Walker