Dear Canterbury Community

Awards and Recognition
It is very important to me that we reward and recognise student achievement across the full range of academic, co-curricular, service and leadership pursuits. It’s always a pleasure to shake the hand of a student at Assembly who has earned a certificate or been awarded a new ‘pocket’ or line for their blazer.

I am of the opinion, however, that students know when awards or certificates come too easily or are too numerous to actually have real meaning. There is a lack of authenticity, I believe, in a certificate, badge, pocket or trophy being awarded too readily. In real life, we do not receive certificates for doing our jobs well, trophies for contributing to our communities, or badges on our clothing, recognising our skills and positive habits.

This does not mean, however, that Canterbury will cease issuing certificates, badges, pockets or trophies! Where appropriate and deserved, these are of course, part of a recognition and awards process at any school. However, the system of point allocations that sit under our current badges and pockets awards will be revised this year, in preparation for 2020. It is important to me that it is genuinely difficult to receive a “Royal Pocket”, the pinnacle of achievement at Canterbury. These should be rare and held in great esteem and presented each year at Speech Night (AEA). Similarly, students who commence with us in Year 7 should be on the same footing as students who have moved up from the Junior School. Therefore a separate Junior School and Secondary School system will commence next year as well.

Any points accrued by students under the current rules, will remain in place in the future.

Plenty of parents, staff and students have provided feedback that we needed to rethink the sheer number of pockets, badges, awards and certificates handed out at assemblies and the AEA. I hope that parents and students will regard these changes as eminently sensible and in keeping with our College values of integrity and community.

Two New Houses
Earlier this month, I advised that we would be adding two new Houses to our College in 2020. Staff have been providing suggestions and the Executive group of the College has decided upon these two new House names, joining Becket, Cranmer, Ramsey and Temple as the basis of our new pastoral care system and inter-House events from 2020.

Named after Kay Goldsworthy, who was the first woman Archbishop in the Anglican Church/Episcopal Church/Church of England anywhere in the world. Archbishop Goldsworthy was appointed to the diocese of Perth, WA, in 2018. 

Symbol: Hammer (representing the shattering of the ‘glass ceiling’ for women in the Anglican Church)
Colour: to be determined by student vote

Named after Karen Kime, who was the first indigenous woman ordained as a Deacon in the Anglican Church in Australia. She is a proud Birrupi woman who has held many senior roles in the Anglican Church before and after this appointment in 2012. 

Symbol: Ladder (representing the ‘ladder of opportunity’ for indigenous women in Australian)
Colour:  to be determined by student vote

Mr Dan Walker