Dear Canterbury Community

Parent Consultation - Strategic Plan
Thank you to the many parents who have taken up the opportunity of contributing ideas to the development of the next Strategic Plan for Canterbury College. In conjunction with the feedback from the recent MMG community survey, these ideas will be considered carefully. The College Executive will work alongside the Board in crystallising the ideas into a coherent overall blueprint for the next four years.

Please provide written ideas via email to or attend the Ideas Forum in the Trade Training Centre Restaurant from 2:30pm to 6:00pm on 29 October 2019.

Further information can be found here.

Sports and Arts Awards
It was terrific to see our students honoured at the Sports Awards Ceremony on Monday night. This event is a fitting tribute to our players across the broad range of TAS and JTAS sports. Of course, none of our students play sport to qualify for pockets or to win trophies, but it is appropriate to recognise some individual performances within the broader team environment.

The Arts Gala on 2 November will allow us to not only hear some wonderful music within the beautiful confines and surrounds of St John’s Cathedral, but also recognise our array of Arts ensembles and the outstanding performances of individuals within these groups.

All of the award winners within individual Sports and Ensembles will be recognised in the program of the Annual Excellence Awards (AEA), as a keepsake for all parents, as well as in our 2019 Canterbury Yearbook.

Deputy Principal
Mr Paul Diete commenced on the first day of Term 4 and has been busy meeting staff and students in his first fortnight. He is also making preparations for the 2020 timetable, upcoming academic award calculations for the 2019 AEA, as well as finalising our 2020 calendar, which will continue to be distributed in hard copy to all families.

Mr Dan Walker