Senior School


Term 1 Week 6

Year 11/12 Exam Block
By Monday 11 March, students in Year 11 and 12 will receive their exam timetable for the upcoming examination period. The examination period will occur from Monday 25 March to Friday 29 March. As per my article in last week’s newsletter, changes to a student’s exam schedule will only occur in exceptional circumstances and usually only when supported with a medical certificate or an absence due to representative sporting or cultural duties. Students who miss examinations due to family vacations or early departures at the end of term to return home will not have examinations rescheduled and assessment conditions altered.

Assessment Calendars
The 2019 Senior School Assessment Calendars are now available for all students and parents to access. As advertised to the student body, they can be viewed and downloaded from the Senior School Canvas page.

Queensland Core Skills Test (QCS) 

This term during the QCS practice sessions the Year 12 students have been learning specific strategies and genres to assist them responding to the requirements of the writing task test more effectively. These activities will culminate in Week 9 of Term 1 with the Year 12 students sitting a practice writing task paper on 29 March to evaluate their progress across the term.  Like all exams during exam block, attendance is compulsory for all OP eligible students.  Students are reminded that tutorials are available for students wishing to spend time refining their writing skills.  Students who are electing not to sit QCS are reminded to collect a letter from Ms Anne-Marie Gerlach and have it signed and returned before the end of term. 

Uniform and Grooming Expectations
At Canterbury College, we believe that the College uniform is an integral part of being a Canterbury College student and therefore it is expected that all students take pride in the wearing of the uniform. Page 80-83 of the College Diary outlines the specific requirements and expectations with regards to appropriate uniform and grooming. Students and parents have both signed a Declaration indicating their support for the College’s uniform policy, as outlined in the Student Diary 2019.

Many students had their hair cut prior to returning to the College at the end of January and 6-7 weeks later we are now at a point where many require a trim or cut. Maintaining a neat and tidy appearance and conforming to the College’s hair and grooming policy is a clear expectation.  In addition to length, it is also important to draw attention to the College’s policy with respect to colour.  Senior students are reminded of this requirement as it is often tempting to ‘enhance’ one’s natural colour with streaks, tips and foils in the lead up to the Formal.  Hair is to always remain its natural colour and any decisions about the appropriateness of the colour applied will be at the discretion of the Year Level Coordinator, Director of Students or the Dean of Middle and Senior Schools.  Hair extensions and eyelash extensions will also be treated in an equivalent manner to colour.  Form Teachers will be paying attention to grooming issues in coming weeks.  Students that do not conform to College’s expectations with respect to hair and grooming will be asked to have the issues resolved.     

The key expectations in regards to the appearance of boys with specific reference to their hair styling is outlined below:
• Be cut no less than a Comb 3 with clippers
• Be blended in across the top and sides so that it transitions evenly across the top (no line evident)
• Fringe must be cut short enough to avoid it falling down over the eyebrows and face
• Be cut short enough to be off the ears and collar
• Be neatly brushed and styled each day to enhance the student's presentation
• Boys must be clean shaven at all times.

The key expectations with regards to the appearance of girls with specific reference to their hair styling is outlined below:
• All hair is to be neatly brushed
• Girls with hair longer than the bottom of their collar must have hair tied up brushed neatly in single or double pony tails/plaits.
• Hair ribbons may be navy, red or white
• Only headbands purchased from the College Uniform Shop are allowed to be worn.

We thank you for your continued support of the College expectations with regards to uniform and grooming.

Foundation Day – 14 March 2019
The day will focus around the four Houses; Becket, Cranmer, Ramsey and Temple. Students are expected to wear House Colours. The events of the day aim to celebrate and reflect on the founding of Canterbury a little over 3 decades ago.

Date Claimers:
TAS Sport Round 6 - Home   Saturday 9 March
Cyber Safety information evening  Monday 11 March
Foundation Day and Cursus Magnus  Thursday 14 March
TAS Sport Round 7 – Away V West MAC Saturday 23 March
Exams 10-12 largely fall in week 9 but not exclusively
TAS Sport Round 8 – Finals Away TBA Saturday 30 March
InterHouse Cross-Country    Tuesday 2 April
Year 12 Formal    Friday 5 April

Ms Anne-Marie Gerlach
Senior School Coordinator

Senior School Tutorials
Please find below the planned tutorial roster for those students requiring assistance with their academic studies. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity for additional support.







Before school



Maths NIG

Room P16


Maths JAB

Room K02



Recess 1


Maths JAB
Room K2

Maths NEN

Room K09





Recess 2


Maths HNM

Room K08

Maths MIS
Room K03

English -P15






Maths YVO

Room K02

Maths RGM

Room K02

Maths CHP

Room K02



All other subjects by appointment

RaNC – Research and Next Centre

Curriculum Focus – Languages
Enticing Japanese tourists to the Gold Coast is not difficult from the Marriot Hotel’s perspective. Last week the Year 12 Japanese class had the opportunity to visit the Marriot Resort and Spa at Surfers Paradise and to hear from specialists in the field of Japanese customer relations.

The group was given a tour of the resort’s facilities, rooms and restaurant to help them understand the needs and requirements of Japanese tourists. They were fortunate to have Takeaki the Japanese Guest Relations Manager speak with them. He was incredibly patient and helpful answering questions (in Japanese) regarding the way in which the hotel provides specific services and facilities to support and cater for its guests.   He also identified a number of tourist hotspots outside the hotel perimeter that were particularly popular with Japanese tourists. The students found it fascinating to listen to him explain the trends in souvenir shopping (ugg boots), restaurant locations and restaurant preferences of guests, where the major shopping precincts are located on the coast, as well as information on popular water sports and theme parks in the vicinity.  The information gained from the day has assisted students to become much more familiar with the tourism industry and its significance, as well as the specific nuances and preferences of Japanese tourists and how these are addressed. 

The day’s excursion also enabled the class to become more aware of Japanese culinary preferences, foods and meal traditions.  One of the days’ highlights was the sushi and sashimi platters they shared for lunch.

Ms Sue Walduck
Director of Staff and Teacher of Japanese

Year 11 in Focus
We are now 6 weeks into the term and the Year 11 cohort are settled in.   Academically the students are coming to the end of Unit 1 Topic 1 for their new ATAR subjects. With the looming assessment for this first unit topic, we had a presentation workshop from Elevate Education, who outlined to the students a range of revision techniques and explained how they might try and maximise their memory and learning potential. Our Wednesday pastoral care sessions have also looked at the students’ individual goals for the year and using these to provide direction for their future endeavours. With the start of Lent this week, students were asked during the Ash Wednesday Chapel Service to reflect on their lives.  Specifically, they were directed to consider the privileges and temptations they face.  Reverend Mee challenged the students to sacrifice something for the next 40 days as we approach Easter, whether it be cake or chocolate or something else. To end the term we have our Pastoral Care day to prepare ourselves for the Good Sheppard program that will occur in Term 2.

Mr Gabriel Chan
Year Level Coordinator - Year 11