Senior School


Term 1 Week 7

Foundation Day Chapel
On Thursday 14 March we celebrated the establishment of the College with our annual Foundation Day Chapel and Cursus Magnus Relay.  These events provide tangible and important connections with the College’s history including its mission to serve God by preparing people in an inclusive learning community to deal effectively with the joys and challenges of their individual lives.   In the same way that we may celebrate birthdays and significant events in our own family’s lives, Foundation Day provides us with an opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate the growth of the College and its many wonderful and noteworthy achievements.

National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence
Today Canterbury College joined close to 6000 schools across the country as well as numerous communities throughout Australia to unite and celebrate the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.  This year the theme is "Bullying. No way! Take action every day."  The 2019 theme builds on last year’s theme that asked people to consider and imagine a world free from bullying, by inviting individuals and organisations to turn big ideas into action and to promote the message that bullying and violence are never okay.

To assist students to take action against bullying and to promote student wellbeing, the College, through its portal, provides opportunities for students to make anonymous notifications about peers that they believe are being bullied or harmed.  All notifications logged on the Stymie site are taken seriously and are investigated.

Today the College recognises the impact that bullying can have on many people’s lives.  Through the Pastoral Care Program students have been undertaking activities to counter bullying by taking action and promoting an environment free from bullying. To raise further awareness of the issue and the need to take action, a BBQ was held at lunch time to promote student unity and commitment to each other, the College and community at large. A special thank you to Mr Greg Wacker, Director of Students (Years 7 – 12) for his efforts in making this day a success.

Core Skills Test Special Provisions
The Year 12 students' preparation for the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) test in late Term 3 is currently well underway. This term students have been concentrating on refining their writing skills in their Friday classes.  A practice exam for all Year 12 students who are eligible for an Overall Position (OP) or equivalent OP (Visa students) will be held during Exam Block. Students who are ineligible for an OP may choose to sit the test if they wish.  Students who choose to not sit the QCS practice exam must acquire a relevant letter from Ms Anne-Marie Gerlach, complete the declaration form attached and return the signed document before the end of term.

In the same way that the College recognises that medical conditions and exceptional circumstances may affect a student’s learning and assessment results, so to, the QCAA ensures equity with respect to the QCS.  In order to ensure that no student’s ability to perform to their potential on the test is impaired, special provisions may be available for students to access.  Any student who believes they have a reason for applying may do so. 

Letters will be provided to students in coming weeks which outlining the above points in more detail.

CLICK HERE for the 2019 Special Provision Handbook

Date Claimers:

TAS Sport Round 7 – Away vs WestMAC Saturday 23 March
Exams for Years 10-12 largely fall in Week 9 but not exclusively
TAS Sport Round 8 – Finals Away TBA Saturday 30 March
Interhouse Cross Country    Tuesday 2 April
Year 12 Formal    Friday 5 April

Ms Anne-Marie Gerlach
Senior School Coordinator

Senior School Tutorials

Please find below the planned tutorial roster for those students requiring assistance with their academic studies. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity for additional support.







Before school



Maths NIG

Room P16


Maths JAB

Room K02



Recess 1


Maths JAB
Room K2

Maths NEN

Room K09









Recess 2


Maths HNM

Room K08

Maths MIS
Room K03







Maths YVO

Room K02

Maths RGM

Room K02

Maths CHP

Room K02



All other subjects by appointment

RaNC – Research and Next Centre

Curriculum Focus – Humanities and Arts
It has been another exciting start to the academic year in the Senior Humanities department.  On Friday 8 February the Year 12 Accounting class spent a productive day at the BEAQ Accounting Forum at QUT Gardens Point campus.  Canterbury students actively engaged with business leaders to learn about forensic accounting, investing strategies and informed decision making in e-business.  Students and teachers were fortunate to win several lucky door prizes.  The Year 12 Modern History class have effectively utilised recently published revisionist sources to make highly informed evaluations about Indigenous and Non-indigenous Reconciliation in Australia.  Year 10 History students have responded positively to the revamped work program which examines the rise and power of the Nazi party, with specific focus on youth movements during the Third Reich.  On 14 February the Year 12 Legal Studies class were provided with the opportunity to navigate the most extensive legal content, research and historical collection in Brisbane – The Supreme Court Library of Queensland.  Year 11 students in all Humanities subjects have adapted well to the rigours associated with the new Unit One QCE ATAR courses.  All in all, it has been fascinating and engaging Term 1 for Senior Humanities students and we are looking forward to the rewarding challenges of Terms 2, 3 and 4.
On Tuesday 12 March the Year 10 and 12 Geography classes headed off to the Gold Coast to visit Point Danger, Kirra Beach, Q1 and the Spit.  The bright sunny conditions with a moderate onshore breeze enabled the students to clearly identify a number of coastal geomorphic processes including obvious wave reflection and the erosional capacity of the recent large swell produced from Cyclone Oma.  From the top of the headland we identified a number of processes with had discussed in class and were able to see firsthand the impact that the training walls had on the mouth of the Tweed River.

The students found the old photographs on the wall at Kirra Surf Club fascinating.  The changes in the width of the beach over time really demonstrated and brought home the dynamic nature of the coastal zone.  Our third stop of the day was Queensland Number One or Q1 as it is affectionately called.  From our vantage point on floor 77 we had a fabulous 360 degree view of Surfers Paradise Beach below, Brisbane to the north, west to the hinterland and south to Fingal Heads and Byron Bay. Being 230m off the ground gave us the opportunity to watch the waves and their action on the shore.  It also gave us a better spatial appreciation of the management techniques required to not only enable the beach to function but also for the protection of homes, high rises, resources and facilities.  From this height it was very clear to see just how narrow and vulnerable the beach strip is and the extent of the urban development into the hinterland.

Languages - French Exchange
In November 2018, I was lucky enough to go on exchange to France for seven weeks. I went to Bons-en-Chablais in East of France. My host family was extremely welcoming, and I felt like a part of their family straight away. They were exceptionally inclusive and kind and I developed a very close bond with my host sisters. I still keep in contact with them now. I made a lot of friends during my stay in France, mainly at school but also during the holidays. During the first three weeks of my stay I went to school. It was great to see how different school is in France. This is where my French improved the most. The first week in France, I was a little scared to speak French but then after a couple of weeks I was able to talk back and sustain conversations in French. My host parents were exceptionally kind and considerate and took me to many places such as Geneva, Thonon-les-Bains, Switzerland, Lausanne, Olympic Park, Annecy, Chamonix, Skiing and Evian-les-bains.

I spent Christmas with my host mother’s family, they lived in a very small village in the country side in the centre of France. They too were extremely nice and welcoming. I was able to meet their family and see the country side of Europe. I noticed when I came back to Australia that not only my French improved immensely, but my Japanese and music did as well! I think this is because my overall memory improved, and I noticed that I am learning things faster, it doesn’t matter what subject I am studying. I think overall that the exchange was a life changing experience and I made lifelong friends and memories which I will cherish forever. I look forward to seeing my host sisters later this year.

Meena Bakanay
Year 12 Student