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Term 1 Week 10

Goodbye Mrs Anderson
On Thursday the College community said their formal good byes to Mrs Donna Anderson, our Head of College, at the Easter Chapel Service.  She was escorted through the College to the CEC with performances en route. She was also handed balloons and given floral tributes along the way in recognition of her service. The moving ceremony that followed included readings, prayers and favourite hymns.  Speeches by former staff, students and the College Board Chairman recognised Mrs Anderson’s commitment to excellence in education and her passion for being at the forefront of pedagogical practice.  The hymn “Be Bold, Be Strong” was a perfect summation of Mrs Anderson’s leadership and clearly demonstrated the strong link between her drive and determination and the strength she gained from her faith to achieve her vision. Alla Yarosh from the Class of 2017 provided a musical tribute to Mrs Anderson by singing “Never Enough” by Loren Allred from the movie The Greatest Showman. The ceremony concluded with a video montage of Mrs Anderson’s 15 years of achievements at Canterbury.

We thank Mrs Anderson for all she has done and provided for the College, and wish her well in her retirement. 

Congratulations to all Senior School students for finishing Term 1 so successfully.  It has been an incredibly busy term for many staff, students and families, with school work and extracurricular activities.  Thank you to everyone that has been involved as a coach, support or team member.  The upcoming vacation provides a valuable opportunity to rest, relax with family and friends and ‘reboot’ ready for Term 2.

The University of Minnesota has recently published the results of some studies that it has done on the benefits of reading to reduce stress.  While many of us read as part of our work, requirements of being a student or just in everyday life from reading signs, emails, bills or social media, increasingly people are reducing the number of books they read either online ie. Kindle type format or ‘old fashioned’ hard copy.  Their study found that reading provides a great stress relief and improves health by reducing or lowering your heart rate and easing the tension in your muscles.  This backs up the 2009 findings of Sussex University who found a 68% reduction in stress in people who read regularly for pleasure. They also discovered that the benefits of reading worked more effectively than drinking cups of tea or listening to music and had lasting benefits in improving language skills, increasing imagination, reducing anxiety and promoting good sleeping habits.

So, these holidays I would encourage staff, students and parents to pick up a novel, a biography, a magazine or even next term’s allocated text, and set aside at least 30 minutes each day to read.  Whether from a library at the College, in your local community, a book store or a shelf at home, there are plenty of places to gain information about best sellers, new titles or old classics.  Where you read is not important, whether lying on your bed, siting on the couch or under a tree, it is about finding a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted to dissolve the stress and tensions built up over the term. 

To help you make your literacy connections, here is the list of tips from the study to provide some incentive to get started:
1) The book you choose doesn't have to be on any "best-seller" list.  The important thing is that the subject matter has captured your interest and will provide a space for your mind to relax in every day.
2) Reading only helps reduce your stress if you pick something you enjoy that won't upset you. Reading the news may not be the best choice if it makes you feel angry or helpless.  Pick something that allows you to escape into another world, or read about a hobby, an inspiring person or interesting place.
3) Take note of how you feel after your reading break. Ask yourself if you have you been able to let go of some of your stressors.  If you still feel overwhelmed, consider talking to a health professional.

Wellbeing Day
On Wednesday this week, students across the Senior School took part in a series of workshops to enhance their wellbeing in line with the College focus this year and in the introduction of the Wellbeing Centre. All three senior year levels had the opportunity to listen to the passionate advocate for mental health issues including suicide prevention, Nic Newling.  Nic’s candid presentation and personal anecdotes enabled the students to gain an insight into the struggles that people suffering from mental health disorders.  His presentation was designed to break down the stigma associated with mental health disorders by illustrating ways that families, friends and school can all play a role in listening, encouraging and helping individuals suffering from depression.  His presentation left students with the message of the importance of not being afraid, humiliated or ashamed of their feelings and to talk to people about their emotions so that care can be provided.

Term 2 - Return to the College
The first day of Term 2 is Tuesday 23 April.

Most students support and follow the uniform and presentation expectations of the College. However, some do take latitudes in holidays in relation to haircuts, hair colour and piercings. It is unfortunate when students push these boundaries and then are held to account by the College on their return. To this end, we seek your support to encourage your son or daughter to make appropriate choices in this regard.

The holiday time is an opportunity to review uniform items, sizes, wear and tear and general appearance.  Please ensure that students return to the College with correct uniform items for the term. Please use the time to repair items or purchase new ones that have been outgrown.

Term 1 Reports
Over the Easter holidays, Term 1 Reports will be sent home, giving parents an opportunity to gain feedback on their son or daughter’s results. 

Parent / Teacher Interviews
The Parent Teacher Interview evenings will take place at the College early in Term 2. This is an opportunity to meet with your child's teachers to discuss their report in greater detail. Students are encouraged to attend, and in formal College uniform, so that they are part of the discussion and understand the comments discussed. Further information about booking interviews will be sent home with the Term 1 Reports.

Date Claimers:
Year 12 Formal    Friday 5 April

Ms Anne-Marie Gerlach
Senior School Coordinator

From the Captains - Reflection of Term 1
The first term of the 2019 schooling year was full of amazing events for Canterbury College. The Senior School leaders were given the task of coming up with an idea that engages the students whilst representing the chosen theme of unity. From this we have run several events in particular, after our Term 1 Spirit Assembly all the Year 12 students ‘hi five’d’ the Junior School students as they left the CEC.  The symbol of hands joining is part of the message that we all belong. The College has thrived on the idea of Unity and we have seen a tremendous improvement in College spirit among the students in only a few short weeks.

This was continued on the ‘National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence’ which was a great day for the College. The Unity theme was presented. Students had the opportunity to draw words and symbols on the road outside the Year 12 Block with chalk. This gave students the time to have fun with their friends whilst also spreading the message of Unity.

Unfortunately, at the end of this term we have to say goodbye to Mrs Anderson. Although this will be a sad time, Mrs Anderson has left a legacy at Canterbury College. She has shown us and many others what it is to be a good person and how to treat others.

Adrian Ryrie and Georgia Kelly
College Captains

Sunshine Coast - Grand Weekend of Show Jumping
Last weekend Year 10 student Maleah Lang-McMahon competed in a show jumping competition at Nambour Show Grounds. This competition featured over 200 competitors with approximately 40 of Australia's top horses and some of the nation's best riders.

This prestigious grand prix competition circuit was designed by well-known Australian course designer Paul Raymont.  The event challenged riders to complete a gruelling show jumping course with obstacles ranging in height from 50cm to over 1.4 meters in a time of just over a minute each round. 

Maleah rode three different horses over the weekend including ten year old grey, Bentley (in the 1.35m class – 2nd Place); the spritely 11 year old, ZinZan (Junior Championship – 1.2m class – 1st Place) and novice 6 year old mare, Champagne (Junior Championship 1.20m – 4th place).  

We wish Maleah all the best with her upcoming show jumping competitions including the April Gold Cup at Caboolture and the Aquis Champion’s Tour at Elysian Fields at Canungra (the biggest show jumping event in Australia).