Term 3, Week 2

What will YOU unearth, invent, experiment with, or try this term?

STEM in the Secondary School

Students Engineered for Science Challenge


Canterbury College sent a team of 32 Year 10 Extension Science students to the Griffith University science and engineering challenge on 28 May.

Requiring the students to complete a range of both cognitive and engineering challenges in teams of four, the science and engineering challenge required each team throughout the day to complete two challenges. Each team were awarded points based on how successfully the challenges were completed. 

Some of the challenges the students participated in included Bridge Building, Transport Logistics, Straw Towers, Coding, Power Supply and Demand Management just to mention a few.

Canterbury College not only won the Challenge but also were announced as the overall winners of the South Brisbane Division.

These amazing results were achieved because each team worked well together, using each individual's strengths to achieve success and gain the maximum number of points for each challenge.

The students are now waiting for the rest of the regions to complete their challenges to determine the overall Queensland winners.

If named the Queensland winners, the College we will be invited to attend the National Championships to be held later this year in Newcastle.