The Arts


Term 4 Week 8

Raffle Winners
The Dance and Music Supporters Group would like to congratulate the winners of their raffles:
Xbox – Judi Irvine
Bubble ‘n’ bath – Paul Reed
Theme Park tickets – Satay guys (Shella)
Biscuit and Chocolate Hamper – Quinn & Roxie
Wine Hamper – Rebecca Elliot
Toni & Guy Hamper - Leanne Suckling
Amazon Echo Spot – Liam
All winners have been contacted, and we thank everyone who have supported the Arts Academy throughout 2019. Merry Christmas.
Queensland Youth Orchestras
Congratulations to all our students who have made it into the Queensland Youth Orchestras for 2020.  Especially Year 3 student George Li as the youngest ever to be accepted in QYO2.
2020 Date Claimers
Please note the following early events and dates for Term 1, 2020:
Cantabile Camp                      Friday 24 – Sunday 26 January
Instrumental Music Camp       Friday 31 January – Sunday 2 February
2020 Auditions
All Auditions for groups will be in Week 1 of Term 1, 2020.
Dance Auditions in the Auditorium – please complete an online form to register for Junior Dance Audition.
Year 2 and Year 3               Wednesday 29 January 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Year 4 – Year 6                   Wednesday 29 January 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Year 7- Year 12                   Thursday 30 January 3:30pm – 5:30pm
Callbacks if required    Friday 31 January 3:30pm – 5:30pm
String Auditions – please email if you have not received the excerpt required for an audition from Ms Helena Munoz:
Ritornello                     During Instrumental Music Camp Friday 31 January – Sunday 2 February
Quartets and Trios       During Instrumental Music Camp Friday 31 January – Sunday 2 February
Cantabile auditions - for new students only - please email Dr Katrina Peddell directly to make a time:
2020 Rehearsal Schedule (please note this may change in 2020 due to staffing requirements)
All ensembles will begin Week 2 of Term 1, 2020.









Start Time: 7:00am (except for JS which is 7:15am)

Finish Times: 8:15am


Drumline (Amph) Year 7 – 12


Canterbury Illumination (Aud)

Year 7 - 12


Bravura (M5) Year 5 – 8 Strings


Flame Dance Class (Squash Courts) Year 3 - 6


Junior School Guitar Ensemble (MS14) Year 1 - 6   


ARTISTrio (MS1) Invitation

Radiance Company (Aud)  Auditioned



Junior Singers (M6) Year 2 - 3


Ignite Dance Company (Squash Courts)

Year 4 – 6 Auditioned


Ritornello (M5)  Auditioned


Girls Chorale (Aud)   Year 7 – 12 


Allegro Strings (M6) Year 4 and 5


All Star Strings (M4) Year 3







Guitar Ensemble (M5) Year 7 - 12 (JS invited if level is appropriate)


Junior Choir (M6) Year 4 - 6


Senior Quartet (MS7)




Radiance Company (Aud)  Auditioned


Boys Vocal Group (M5)

Boys Year 7 - 12


Trio Bellissimo (MS1)  Invitation


1:15 – 2:00pm


Junior String Quartet (MS07) Invitation

Junior School Percussion Ensemble (MS14 or M4)

Year 3 – 6


Flute Ensemble (M5)  All flute players

Octet (MS13) Invitation


Junior Piano Trio (MS1) Invitation

Middle School Quartet (M5)



ARTISTrio (MS1) Invitation


Guitar Band (M5) Invitation AMEB Gr6+




Finish Times: as listed



Percussion Company (Aud)

Year 7- 12

Finish: 5:30pm



Hip Hop Varsity (Squash Courts) Auditioned

Finish: 5:30pm

Cantabile (Aud)  Auditioned Finish: 5:30pm


Rock School (M5, M6, MS14)

Finish: 5:00pm



Symphonic Band (Aud) 

Year 6 – 12  Finish: 5:30pm 


Sinfonia (M5) Advanced Strings Finish 5:30pm


ASMF Concert Choir (M6)

Up till 22 May only


Rock School (M2, M4, MS14)

Finish: 5:00pm


Little Groovers (Discovery Center)  Kindy/Prep Dance

3:30 – 4:00pm and 4:00 – 4:30pm 



Brass Band (Aud) Brass players Year 5 – 12 Finish: 5:30pm


Rock School (M5, M6, MS14)

Finish: 5:00pm


Ignite Dance Company (Squash Courts)  Year 4- 6 Auditioned

Finish 5:30pm


Shine Dance Ensemble (M12)

Year 2 - 3 Auditioned

Finish: 5:30pm


Rise Dance Class (M12)

Year 1 - 2

3:30 – 4:15pm

Drama Ensemble (Aud)  Year 7 - 12 Finish 5:30pm


Canterbury Theatre Company (M12)  Auditioned Finish: 5:30pm



Dr Janet Wyvill
Director of Arts Academy